an archive of lilith
artistic research

An Archive of Lilith is an ongoing artistic research project that utilizes indexicality to fabulate a feminist shift of perspective. This archive aims to recontextualize patriarchal narratives through artistic methods and is grounded in the fundamental idea that archives serve as the foundation for feminist and queer feminist (re)search.

a pool of (digital archive)
neustart scholarship by deutscher kuenstlerbund e.v.
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archive entry „a pool of“ / 2022

The work A pool of is a multimedia installation. It consists of an interactive sound installation and the online archive

The work revolves around the search for a space in which we learn to deal with the tensions of a deep crisis. A central motif are Gloria E. Anzaldúa’s images of remolinos and cenotes. These describe a suction-like state that requires us to learn to deal with conflicting perspectives by tapping into a collective imagination, between binary categories. Anzaldúa refers to this reservoir of unconscious knowledge and perspectives as a »pool of images«

The sound installation is activated by visitors touching different object surfaces. To do this, at least two organisms must establish a connection between the objects of the installation. On two circular levels, two cenotes re-orient themselves simultaneously along opposite remolinos.

The work will be followed by a workshop that will collectively research the potential of remolinos and expand

Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR Modul D – Digitale Vermittlungsformate


damage decoding: archaeology of the future
exhibition at gallery NoD , prague
opening: 05.04.23 7pm
06.04. – 30.04.23

with ivana pavlíčková and patrik kriššák

neustart scholarship by deutscher kuenstlerbund e.v.
digital ecotones (wt)
05 – 09/2022

art in public space
10/03 – 27/11/2022
campus kantine kunsthaus dresden

screening of index of lilith at filmfest dresden – international short film festival
04/08 – 4 PM
schauburg dresden

neustart funding by kunstfonds
10/2021 – 03/2022

diploma exhibition at the academy of fine arts in dresden
07/24 – 09/05/2021

index of lilith, 2021, 1-channel video, 19

opening hours: tue – sun 11 – 6 pm
place: oktogon. kunsthalle of hfbk dresden
georg-treu-platz 1, 01067 dresden

index of lilith is screened in room 103

windows explorer /w sophie hundbiss & robin woern
01/22 – 02/07/2021

significant pleasures, sophie hundbiss and robin woern, 2020, site-specific light- and sound installation

»since the shop is still closed, the artists sophie hundbiss and robin woern will help to stimulate your sensual memories of ice cream through an audio-visual installation.
the light composition in the ice cream counter serves as a reminder of the vivid colors of various ice cream flavors on display. the pulse of the light refers to the pleasurable sound of eating ice cream. it can be listened to from outside the shop via the qr-code.«

opening hours: thurs-sun 3 – 8 pm
place: gärtnerstraße 33A, 10245 berlin

posters in public space
05/22 – 07/0820
a project by the class of carsten nicolai

index of lilith, 2020 59,4 x 89,1 cm, digital print