Significant Pleasures

by Sophie Hundbiss and Robin Woern

An obvious attraction seems to emanate from an hibernating ice cream shop, once the lights are turned on. Passers-by, children, and adults try to catch a glimpse through the window to see if there is still, or already ice cream inside the counter. The Covid-19 winter makes us particularly impatient. The missing ice cream almost becomes a signifier for the sensual and social pleasures we miss. 
Significant Pleasures aims to help us remember and look forward to these pleasures.
The light composition in the ice cream counter serves as a reminder of the vivid colors of various ice cream flavors on display. The pulse of the light refers to the pleasurable sound of eating ice cream. It can be listened to from outside the shop via the QR-code.

Thanks to: Kunstbüro Hohmann und Heid, Clara Jing Hohmann & Marla Heid, Adrian Pfisterer, Niklas Thran and Sascha Windisch