Index of Lilith

The short film Index of Lilith addresses the tiring reality of the Lilith mythology in the 21st century. Historically represented as both a feminist icon and a prototype of the demonized image of the evil woman, Lilith has a limited choice: demon, murderess, or goddess of sexual desire and war. The protagonist holds a fictional lecture on the Index of Lilith addressing and criticizing a present occupied with a 2000-year-old myth. But whether she allies herself with the Lilith figure or opposes it, contextualizes, or ironizes it, an escape from this narrative seems impossible. Instead, the actress wanders through actual sites of misogynistic violence and femicide. She marks the scenes of this myth in the present and the consequence and inseparability from the protagonist herself.

Index of Lilith, 2021
1-channel video, 19

Camera: Omani Frei
Actress: Tanah Freitag
Sounddesign: Frank Rottmann
Location Sound: Nina Behnisch, Jan Kossick
Stage and Light: Ronald Scheurich